International Cooperation
(Last updated: 2015-5-20)


Research and Work in USA
1. Research and study in prestigious American universities, you will be eligible for:
(1) Courses guided by prestigious international professors for 20 class hours; 
(2) Instructions from professional associations and enterprises 
(3) Student ID in one of the most famous universities in the world.

2. Social research in USA (program for students and new teachers)
Participants: 1 teacher and 8 students 
Activities: Do social research in USA and complete different research projects

3. University Scholarship
Description: (1) A chance for students to study in USA and get university credits
             (2) Scholarships of different types were provided to ease students’ financial burdens

4. Paid Internship USA
Eligibility requirements: be enrolled on a full-basis at a nationally accredited college or have graduated for no longer than 12 months prior.
Duration of program: Employment period is 6-18 months
Medical insurance coverage is provided for the duration of internship in USA
Equal pay for equal work

5. Paid Summer Internship in USA
NHCIC has sent 30 students to USA since 2009. The participants enjoy this program very much as it provides good working and practicing environment, and opportunities to visit some universities in USA.