International Cooperation
(Last updated: 2015-5-20)


Study in South Korea   (Study in South Korea for Bachelor’s Degree)

Since 2006 Nanhua College of Industry and Commerce (NHCIC) has established a Korean Language Education Center with the cooperation of several Korean universities and colleges, such as the Pusan University of Foreign Studies, Tongmyong University, Silla University and Dongguk University. Education received from this center is recognized by all South Korean universities and colleges mentioned above, and allows students to pursue further study in South Korea. The program of Applied Korean in NHCIC is a “2+2” program which means 2 years of study in NHCIC for a college diploma and 2 years of study in South Korea for Bachelor’s Degrees. Both the diploma and the degree are recognized by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. Students of other majors have to study the Korean language for one year before they go to Korea for continuing study. All students who graduate from NHCIC can choose any major for their continuing study in all the universities mentioned above and will be entitled to a 50% discount on the tuition fee for their undergraduate study, which means that the tuition fee is about KRW 20,000 per academic year.

As of March 2015, 500 students from NHCIC have been sent to South Korea to gain experience abroad and pursue higher degrees.

Study in Thailand   (Study in Thailand for Bachelor’s Degree)

Dhurakij Pundit University’s (DPU) name translates as “Business knowledge”. This explains why the Industry and Commerce major is one of the key majors in DPU. The department of Industry and Commerce of DPU has established long-term cooperation with many famous western universities and colleges, which provides their students with many chances to communicate with the world and take up advanced studies.

Nanhua College of Industry and Commerce (NHCIC) is currently working with Dhurakij Pundit University on a cooperative degree program which includes the following:
1. 2-3 years of study in NHCIC (China) + 1.5 years of study for a Bachelor’s Degree in DPU
(Thailand) + 1 year of study for a Master’s Degree in DPU (Thailand) 
2. Majors available: International Business Administration, Tourism Management,
Hotel Management, Financial Management, Accounting, Fashion Design & Manufacture
3. Tuition and fees in DPU:
RMB 38,000 for the 1.5-year Bachelor’s Degree including fees for registration, fees for application of visa, fees for teaching materials, fees for thesis guidance and consultation, fees for library resources and internet access and fees for medical insurance, etc.
RMB 49,800 for the 1-year Master’s Degree

Study in Taiwan  (Student Exchange Program)

1. Short-term Visit in Taiwan
Students will expand their knowledge of Taiwan by:
(1) Experiencing the featured courses designed by Lan Yang Institute of Technology
(2) Visiting famous cultural and scenic spots in North and East Taiwan

2. Ming Chuan University (MCU) (Student Exchange)
Taiwan Ming Chuan University (corresponding to 2A university in Mainland, China) is the only university in Taiwan accredited by the Middle States Commission On Higher Education(MSCHE) with an education system – Moodle rank of number 5 in the world. The Student Exchange Program jointly ran with NHCIC is a breakthrough program which allows students from NHCIC to take courses relevant to their majors in NHCIC and register for credits. With this program, students from NHCIC can even win the chance to study in the Michigan USA branch of MCU (MCUMl).

Study in Australia (Study for Bachelor’s Degree)

Strathfield College (SC) in Sydney Australia has affordable tuition fees, which amounts to approximately RMB 60,000 per year, lower than other universities. SC requires an IELTS minimum of 5.0. Students can apply to study in SC without taking the university preparation courses.
Students can advance to the next level of study in other Australian Universities after one year of preparation in SC.

Students will get an SC qualification or double qualification after 2 years of study in SC.
Students will get a Bachelor’s Degree in Australia after 3 years of study in SC.
SC offers pathways to many prestigious Australian Universities which allows students to pursue Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees.

High-achieving students of NHCIC can apply for SC Scholarship as SC provides excellent student support.

Internship in Japan

1. The cooperation has been carried on between NHCIC and the Japan International Association of Volunteer Communication. Students will be sent to different companies in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagano for a 3-month professional and cultural internship.
2. “2+1” programs in 2 universities in Tokyo-to and Chiba-ken (2 years of study in NHCIC and 1 year of study in Japan)

Internship in Singapore

The short-term internship in Singapore was jointly launched by ETT Training Center, Shenzhen Xingguang Education Information Consulting Co., Ltd and International Communication and Service Center of Singapore. In 2002, Singapore drew on the experience of the “Work & Travel” in USA and launched its own Singapore Internship Program. It has been successfully operated for 11 years with thousands of students with TWP and TEP taking part in this program every year. 

Students in this program will have a 3-month paid internship and English training in Singapore.
During the internship, students are able to travel around Singapore in their spare time before returning to China.

Research and Work in USA
1. Research and study in prestigious American universities, you will be eligible for:
(1) Courses guided by prestigious international professors for 20 class hours; 
(2) Instructions from professional associations and enterprises 
(3) Student ID in one of the most famous universities in the world.

2. Social research in USA (program for students and new teachers)
Participants: 1 teacher and 8 students 
Activities: Do social research in USA and complete different research projects

3. University Scholarship
Description: (1) A chance for students to study in USA and get university credits
             (2) Scholarships of different types were provided to ease students’ financial burdens

4. Paid Internship USA
Eligibility requirements: be enrolled on a full-basis at a nationally accredited college or have graduated for no longer than 12 months prior.
Duration of program: Employment period is 6-18 months
Medical insurance coverage is provided for the duration of internship in USA
Equal pay for equal work

5. Paid Summer Internship in USA
NHCIC has sent 30 students to USA since 2009. The participants enjoy this program very much as it provides good working and practicing environment, and opportunities to visit some universities in USA.