Department of Tourism Management

(Last updated: 2015-3-10)

  旅游管理 拷贝

The Department of Tourism Managementwas established in 1993 and currently has 1200 students on campus. So far it has produced more than 5000 graduates and employment rate reached 99%. Utilizing the training model of EHL (EcoleHoteliere De Lausanne, Switzerland), the Department of Tourism Managementcreated the precedent for talent training model in mainland China. The first “CETTIC” new vocational talent training center of Guangdong Province ensures the student’s paths to success. The high-end off-campus training center in the Department allows the graduates to stand out in their future careers. The cooperative programs with relevant corporations guarantee graduates leading positions in the field.


Key Programs of Nanhua College of Industry and Commence


1.      Program of Hotel Management

(May continue the Bachelor’s Degree courses in South Korea or Thailand


Founded in 1993, the Hotel Management Program has already produced 2,500 graduates and currently has more than 600 full-time students on campus. During 20 year of innovation and exploration, the Hotel Management program has been keeping pace with the development of the hotel industry and has established the “order-form cultivation model” which features are based on theoretical teaching focusing on skills training and orientated towards the needs of the corporation. The program has 3 orientations: hotel management, hotel service and management, and catering management. The hotel service and management program aims to train students for the Baiyun International Convention Center, Dongfang Hotel, Bishuiwan Hot Spring Resort with the “order- form” training mode. The catering executive management program trains students for Boton F&B Service Ltd who also sponsors and provides trainers for the students. After graduation the students may be employed by the Boton F&B Service Ltd and promoted to a supervisory position.


This program has set up 3 simulation training centers and 16 off-campus training centers, which include Grand Hyatt Guangzhou, Sheraton Guangzhou Hotel, Shangri-la Hotel Guangzhou, Guangzhou Jian Guo Hotel, Lisboa Hotel Macau, MGM Macau. The students are sought after by employers due to their professional qualities.


This program possesses a well-structured teaching team, among whom 28% are professors, 84% have masters degrees and 90% boast “dual-profession” qualifications. In addition, renowned supervisors from 5-Star hotels are hired as trainers. The teaching team was rewarded as the “’Dual-Teachers quality teaching team” of nationwide tourism colleges in March, 2012.


In keeping with the guideline of the 12th official document issued by the Ministry of Education, the program puts emphasis on the building of specialty courses so as to guarantee the quality of the curriculum. Thanks to the cooperation with employers, this program was recommended by the college to apply for the “Guangdong Quality Project” and “Provincial Vocational Education Training Field Project”.


The Hotel Management program focuses on cultivating the student’s skills, as a result, the students have won provincial and nationwide prizes in vocational skills competitions such as the second and the third prize in the table setting competition for Chinese & Western meals, napkin decoration, bed making, serving wine, and theme design for Chinese banquets. In December, 2011, the training qualification of the vocational training project (the Operator in Travel Agency & Hotel Manager ) was granted by the CETTIC.


2.      Program of Convention and Exhibition Planning and Management

The Convention and Exhibition Planning and Management program was established in 2004. It has developed into two specialty fields, Services and Management of Conventions and Exhibition, and Convention and Exhibition Design. The program was chosen as one of the key programs in the college in 2012 because of its promising potential. Currently, the program has over 240 enrolled students and 800 graduates.

Based on book knowledge and effective professional practices, the program aims to equip students with advanced core skills in exhibition planning, exhibition design, management, marketing, and exhibition services. The graduates of this program are highly-qualified, skillful, and creative. Most of them have worked successfully in different enterprises in the Pearl River Delta area.

The teaching team of this program consists of 15 teachers, including 3 professors and 12 lecturers. Over 95% of the teachers have master’s degrees, and 2 have obtained doctor’s degrees. 80% are “double – professional” teachers with extensive work experiences and high academic accomplishments.

The program has been in close and stable cooperation many enterprises, such as the Guangzhou Runkang Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Huazhan Exhibition Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Hongwei Exhibition Co., Ltd., in these companies’ students have internship practice and teachers provide interactive service for the firms. Also, the program has contracted with 3 organizations where students practice and develop their skills systematically. They are Dongguan Houjie Famous Furniture Club, Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center, and Guangzhou Dong Fang Hotel. Students are trained in these organizations after studying in school; this greatly helps to develop their real-world professional skills. Over 95% of the graduates are employed and highly praised by their employers.

Students of the program are encouraged to enter various competitions related to their majors. For example, the students were awarded the first and second prizes in the China Business Skills Competitions (specializing in Convention and Exhibition) and also won the second prize in the second “Yuanhua Cup” National Exhibition Skills Contest.

Leading Programs of the Department of Tourism Management


1. Tourism Management (May continue the Bachelor’s Degree courses in South Korea or Thailand)



    The Tourism Management program aims to train application-oriented professionals with high comprehensive qualities. Graduates will master comprehensive tourist industry knowledge which can be applied to management and service positions in travel agencies, 5-star hotels, tourist attractions, etc.


 Main Courses

1.       Tourism English

2.       Basic Knowledge of Tour Guide

3.       Travel Agency Operation and Management

4.       Tourism Resources Development

5.       Services in Front Office and Housekeeping


Career Prospects

1. Tour Guide in a Travel Agency

2. Operator in a Travel Agency

3. Marketing in Travel Agency

4. Supervisor in a 5-Star Hotel or Conference & Exhibition Company

5. Customer Service in a tourist location

6. Administrative Management in a tourist location


Orientation: Tourism Economy



The Tourism Economy program aims to train application-oriented professionals with high comprehensive qualities. Graduates will master comprehensive tourist industry knowledge which can be applied to management and service positions in travel agencies, 5-star hotels, tourist attractions, etc.


 Main Courses

1.       Economics of Tourism

2.       Marketing of Tourism

3.       Practice of OP

4.       Tourism Resources Development

5.       Convention & Exhibition Planning and Management


Career prospects

1.       Management work in tourism administration departments

2.       Management work in International travel agencies

3.       Management work in tourist consulting companies

4.       Management work in tourist attractions

5.       Management work in tourist automobile companies

6.       Management work in theme parks


3. Cooking Technology and Nutrition



The Cooking Technology and Nutrition program aims to foster high-level talented individuals with high comprehensive qualities, who master the comprehensive knowledge of gastronomy and nutrition and are capable of positions in high-end restaurants, community business clubs and food processing factories.


Main Courses

1.       Chinese Cuisine Gastronomy

2.       Western Cuisine Gastronomy

3.       Pastry Making

4.       Cold Dish Design

5.       English for Catering

6.       Restaurant Management and Service


Career Prospects

1.       Chef in the catering industry

2.       Assistant to an executive chef

3.       Nutrition

4.       Public dietician

5.       Baker of Chinese dim sum & western desserts


4. Convention & Exhibition Planning and Management



The Convention & exhibition planning and management program aims to train high-level talented individuals who are qualified in both occupational ethics and operations in conventionsand exhibitions planning and management. Graduates will posses specialized skills in exhibition project planning, convention organization, advertisement, convention and exhibition services and convention management etc.


Main courses

1.       Marketing in conventions& exhibitions

2.       Convention planning and practices

3.       Convention receptionist

4.       Practice of E-Business

5.       Conventions& exhibitions English


Career prospects

1.       Project planner in a convention & exhibition company

2.       Brand promoter in an enterprise or public institution

3.       Receptionist in a convention center

4.       Organizer and planner in wedding company.