Department of Finance

(Last updated: 2015-4-16)

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The Finance Department was established in 1995. After two decades of development, the Finance Department has established itself as an educational brand in southern Guangdong and produced a large number of talented professionals for the accounting and financial industry in the Pearl River Delta. The department’s motto is; Moral, Honest, Polite and Pragmatic. It aims at providing students’ lifelong occupational prospects, broadening educational reform, optimizing the two major groups of accounting and finance, and actively exploring international development opportunities.

Key Programs of Nanhua College and Industry and Commerce

1. Program of Accounting (Registered Accountant) (May continue the Bachelor’s Degree courses in South Korea

The Accounting (Registered Accountant) program established in 2004, is one of the hottest programs in Nanhua College of Industry and Commerce (NHCIC). Altogether 2550 students enrolled in 2012 with 1592 graduates and a 95% employment rate. This program closely monitors the developing needs of the industry; therefore, remarkable achievements have been made in the exploration of talent training. As a result of the stand-out characteristics of this program, and the good social reputation it has achieved, the graduates are widely welcomed by employers.

After mastering basic theoretical knowledge, the graduates are qualified for positions such as cashier, accountant, audit assistant, bookkeeping agent and assistant to a financial consultant. This program focuses on fostering high-level talents who are well-developed in accounting, checking, auditing, tax calculation & declaration and financial analysis. After graduation, the students can obtain a primary computerized accounting certificate, intermediate computerized accounting certificate, certificate of accounting professional, Kingdee ERP software certification and an assistant accountant certificate. 91.95% of our graduates have acquired accounting qualification certificates for their occupations.

This program has a teaching team of 30 teachers, among whom 16 are full-time and 14 part-time. There are 9 professors and 23 teachers have masters degree. Most teachers possess corporate work experience and a “Dual-Teacher” qualification. This program uses full time and part time professional teachers with educational and real world backgrounds to provide a creative and innovative environment for students.

Currently, this program has 6 training centers with a total investment of over 2 million RMB. The training center meets the needs of the students and allows them to apply the knowledge they learn in class into practice by grasping the training modules and the professional qualification training by simulating the accounting working procedures, working environment, working department and positions.

In the last 2 years, the students won top prizes in vocational skills competitions, provincially and nationally. Students won the second prize in the accounting skill qualification trial of Guangdong Province in 2012, the second prize of Venture Competition in the 3rdKingdee Cup, and the second and third prize of the Career Planning Competition in Guangdong.

2. Program of Financial Management & Practice (May continue the Bachelor’s Degree courses in South Korea

The Financial Management & Practice program was established in 1995, and has restructured its core academic model to meet the needs of the talent in the financial field.  Besides nurturing the student’s skills in the traditional field of banking and securities, and in the academic curriculum, great emphasis has been laid on widening the student’s pre-job training in stocks, gold and foreign exchange. Practical teaching and skills improvement is stressed in order to optimize the talent training. Hence the graduate’s employment competency has been strengthened and comprehensively improved.

The program has a professional and qualified teaching team under the leadership of Song Wei, who was awarded the “Nanyue Prestigious Teacher Award” by the Guangdong Province Department of Education.  Among the leading teachers in the program, there are 2 doctors, and 4 associate professors, with most possessing financial enterprise work experience. These teachers are all specialists in their fields with excellent performance records in both academic research and teaching. The Theory & Practice on Securities Investment and Monetary Banking program has been listed as the college’s first “Excellent Course” in NHCIC.

A specialized financial training center has been set up for the query of global financial market data, stimulation investment practice, commercial banking practice and other basic financial skills training. Besides, Gold Eagle Financing Studio and 7 contracted off-campus training bases have provided resources to equip the students with competitive professional skills for the future job market. In 2006 the students of the program won second place in the stock team in the first Shihuacaixun national college students’ financial investment simulation transaction contest.

For the last two decades, under the guidance of the program director, the program seeks tonurture multi-talented individuals with specialty double certificates. The graduates are not only proficient at commercial banking and financial investment practice but also have a comprehensive understanding of the general skills of financial practitioners. Students will graduate with both diplomas and at least one vocational qualification certificate. Some graduates are well qualified for positions in such foreign-capital banks such as Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, China Bank (Macau branch) and other banks abroad. The graduates are also popular with mainstream security traders. Positions in the area of futures, gold and foreign exchanges have also been targeted in recent years. For the last 20 years, the program has provided several thousand graduates for banks and securities companies as well as various financial investment companies. The employment rate has amounted to over 98% every year.

Leading Programs of the Department of Finance

1. Financial Management


This program aims to train compound financial management professionals who excel in capital operation and enterprise asset management, and specialize in financing, capital budgeting, capital operations, tax planning and risk control.

Main Courses

1.  Economics

2.  Management

3.  Financial Accounting

4.  Financial Management

5.  Asset Appraisal

6.  Taxation Laws

7.  Tax Planning

Career Prospects

    CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

2. Investment and Finance May continue the Bachelor’s Degree courses in South Korea


This program aims to train highly-skilled professional talented individuals who are qualified to provide financial planning and investment services for enterprises as well as individuals.

Main Courses

1.  Financial Analysis

2.  Security Investment Practice

3.  Investment Banking

4.  Goods Futures

5.  Financial Service and Marketing

6.  Insurance Practice

Career Prospects

Jobs related to consulting agents or marketing in financial enterprises including banking, insurance and securities supervision companies, etc.    

3. Assets Evaluation and Management May continue the Bachelor’s Degree courses in South Korea


This program aims to train highly-skilled professional talents who have mastered basic theoretical knowledge, methods and the related policies and regulations of asset evaluation. Graduates will also specialize in asset evaluation of real estate, land, construction, automobile and enterprises, etc. The program also seeks to develop and promote the practice of good occupational ethics in the industry.

Main Courses

1.  Assets Evaluation

2.  Financial Accounting

3.  Principles of Economics

4.  Real Estate Brokerage

5.  Real Estate Appraisal

6.  Statistical Method

Career Prospects

Jobs related to asset evaluation in enterprises and public institutions including asset evaluation institutions, real estate transaction departments, Guarantee Companies and auction houses, etc. 

4. Accounting ComputerizationMay continue the Bachelor’s Degree courses in South Korea


This program aims to train highly-skilled professional individuals who are familiar with national economic laws and regulations and specialize in the use of computers in accounting operations. Graduates will also possess a strong understanding of accounting practices and accounting computerization applications.  

Main Courses

1.  Accounting Basis

2.  Accounting Practice

3.  Financial Software Application

4.  Financial Management

5.  Financial Statement Analysis

6.  Database Application

Career Prospects

Jobs related to accounting, the management and maintenance of accounting computerization systems, auditing, statistics, financial consulting, etc in enterprises and public institutions.