Department of Construction and Art Design

(Last updated: 2015-3-21)

建艺 拷贝 

The Department of Construction and Art Design was established in 1995. In the last twenty years the department has grown from only one major, Industrial and Civil Construction with 88 full-time students, to 9 majors and 11 specialties which so far have produced over 4000 qualified highly-skilled talents. Currently, 90% of the teachers have Master’s Degrees, 30% have senior professional titles and 90% are lecturers. The teaching team has an abundance of teaching experience and industrial backgrounds.

As a shinning beacon of Nanhua College of Industry and Commerce, the Department has the highest proportion of self-employed graduates, among whom some own their own companies with assets in the tens of millions. The graduates from the department are well-recognized and sought after by enterprises and public institutions in the Pearl River Delta.

Key Programs of Nanhua College of Industry and Commence

  1. Program of Architecture Decoration Engineering (Interior Design)  

(May continue the Bachelor’s Degree courses in South Korea

The Architecture Decoration Engineering program (Interior Design) was established in 1996, previously named the Construction and Decoration Program. This program was evaluated as one of the outstanding programs in the college in 2009, because of its continuous development and strong performance.

After 16 years this program has become one of the most well-rounded programs in the college. Guided by “Liberal Education” and “Top Positioning”, the teaching is based on effective practical programs and aims to train professional, skillful, and creative interior designers, cut out for the needs of potential employers. The “three-step” teaching courses are fully designed to educate students to be good at both “manual drawing” and “computer aided drawing (CAD)”. The “three-step” systematic curriculums are basic art courses; professional art skills training courses; and integrated interior decoration design courses. The students in the program are trained to acquire practical program skills, which enables them to meet the requirements of higher vocational education. Most of the graduates have been highly praised by their current employers.

The teaching staff for this program consists of 2 professors and 10 lecturers. 83% of the teachers are “double-qualification” teachers. 4 members on the team are senior examiners of skill identification in Autodesk Software (China) Co., ltd. (a world leader in 3D design software for manufacturing, engineering, construction, and civil infrastructure, entertainment, natural resources); 3 are senior interior architects; and 1 senior environmental art designer. Many teachers are members of well-known design firms, among whom 6 are members of the China Institute of Interior Design (CIID), and one member of the China Designers Association (CDA). In addition, 2 teachers were awarded “Outstanding Young Teachers” at NHCIC.

More than 99% of the graduates successfully landed jobs in recent years. 80% of the graduates in the year 2012 held two certificates, which greatly facilitated their job hunting. The well-trained students are highly praised by many of the employers, including well-known enterprises in the Pearl River Delta area. Most graduates become successful interior designers and started their own businesses. Some of the graduates also chose to further their education and pursue their bachelor degrees. After three-years of systematic and practical training, the students from this program are competent and creative, professional and practical and have a wide range of job opportunities.

Leading Programs of the Department of Construction and Art Design

  1. Environmental Art Design [Landscape Designer May continue the Bachelor’s Degree courses in South Korea


This program aims to train highly-skilled professional talents who master basic theoretical and professional knowledge of environmental art design and specialize in internal and external design and exterior garden design.

Main Courses

1.  Design Sketch

2.  Construction and Decoration Material

3.  Scenery and Garden Design

4.  Internal Project Design

5.  Computer Aided Design

6.  Techniques of Working Sketches

Career Prospects

1.  Landscape Designer

2.  Interior Designer

3.  Decoration Engineering Technician

4.  Draftsman

5.  Technician of Real Estate Appraisal

   2. Product Form Design [Digital Product Designer and Human-Computer Interaction DesignerMay continue Bachelor Degree courses in South Korea

[Professional Orientation of Jewelry Designer] (May continue the senior courses in Taiwan)


This program aims to train compound highly-skilled professional talents who are capable of using modern design methods and means for the development and innovation of new product design with creative thinking, as well as being familiar with product brand design, communication design and proficient in a wide variety of design skills.

Main Courses

1.  Design Sketch

2.  Engineering Drawing

3.  Visual Communication Design

4.  Computer Aided Design

5.  Design Psychology

6.  Ergonomics

7.  Form Design

Career Prospects

          1.  Digital Product Designer

          2.  Human-Computer Interaction Designer

          3.  Jewelry Designer

3. Real Estate Management and Appraisal [Real Estate Appraiser]


This program aims to train practical highly-skilled professionals who are familiar with the national laws and regulations of the real estate industry with specialized skills in real estate appraisal, real estate project planning, real estate marketing, real estate development and management.

Main Courses

1.  Real Estate Development

2.  Real Estate Appraisal

3.  Real Estate Marketing

4.  Real Estate Project Management

5.  Property Management

6.  Urban Planning

Career Prospects

1.  Jobs related to asset management, maintenance and appreciation of assets in government, enterprises and public institutions or jobs related to real estate management and appraisal

2.  Real estate sales

3.  Real estate brokerage in real estate agency and real estate consulting companies, etc.

  4. Property Management [Building Utility Engineer and Property Investment and Management]


This program aims to train highly-skilled professional talents who master theoretical knowledge and skills in property management and specialize in real estate management, marketing planning, and property project planning and property management service.

Main Courses

1.  Property Investment Management

2.  Property Environmental Management

3.  Property Safety Management

4.  Real Estate Marketing

5.  Strategic Management

6.  Investment

Career Prospects

1.  Building Utility Engineer

2.  Jobs related to property project planning and property management

  5. Construction Cost  [Cost Engineer] May continue the Bachelor’s Degree courses in South Korea


    This program aims to train highly-skilled professional talents who master theoretical knowledge and practical skills in cost determination and control of construction engineering, decoration engineering, installation engineering, landscape engineering. Graduates will also specialize in compiling settlement books of construction and decoration engineering, installation engineering and landscape engineering, bidding for construction projects, auditing project cost, controlling cost, supervising and construction technology.

Main Courses

1.  Engineering Drawing

2.  Decoration Engineering Measurement and Valuation

3.  Construction Organization and Management

4.  Civil Construction Design and Structure

5.  Building Decoration

6.  Mechanics and Structure

Career Prospects

1.  Budgeter

2.  Certified Cost Engineer

3.  Supervision Engineer

4.  Cost Engineer

5.  Project Manager

6.  Construction Worker

7.  Auditor

  6. Art Design  [Commercial Advertisement Design] May continue the Bachelor’s Degree courses in South Korea


This program aims to train highly-skilled professional talents with specialized skills in the fields of advertisement design, web design, display design, packaging design, graphic design and brand promotion, etc.

Main Courses

1.  Display Design

2.  Design Constitution

3.  Graphic Design

4.  Web Design

5.  Computer Aided Design

6.  Commercial Photography

Career Prospects

1.  Jobs related to advertisement creativity, design, marketing and marketing development

2.  Jobs related to dissemination and promotion of enterprise brand images in the advertising industry

3.  Jobs in marketing and consulting companies, marketing departments of enterprises and institutions, news media departments, etc. 

  7. Art Design [Clothing Design and Manufacture] May continue the Bachelor’s Degree courses in South Korea


This program aims to train highly-skilled professional talented individuals who are familiar with different clothing materials and have a keen awareness of fashion trends with specialized skills in clothing design, pattern design, production of garments and crafts and clothing marketing.

Main Courses

1.  Chinese and Western Costume Design

2.  Clothing Material

3.  Clothing CAD

4.  Clothing Design

5.  Clothing Marketing

6.  Clothing Production and Management

Career Prospects

Jobs related to clothing design, costume design, clothing production, clothing display, clothing marketing and management in clothing design companies, clothing production and sales enterprises and textile industry enterprises, etc. 

  8. Engineering Supervision [Engineering Management and Supervision Engineer] May continue the Bachelor’s Degree courses in South Korea


This program aims to train well-rounded highly skilled professionals who adapt to regional economic and social developments and master theoretical knowledge of quality control and possess skills in construction supervision.

Main Courses

1.  Construction Technology

2.  Construction Equipment

3.  Engineering Drawing

4.  Engineering Surveying

5.  Construction Organization and Management

6.  Engineering Quality Control

7.  Project Budget

Career Prospects

1.  Certified Supervision Engineer

2.  Supervisor, Project Manager, Professional Surveyor, Safety Supervisor

3.  Construction Worker, Quality Engineer, Constructor, etc.