A Mission Statement from the President

(Last updated: 2015-3-20)


Colleges of China should take the challenging responsibility of transforming China from a population resource country, to a human resource country in order to finally make her a talent resource country. It is the duty of Chinese colleges to change the current paradigm of simply being “made in China” to being “created in China”.

All the staff in Nanhua College of Industry & Commerce will do their utmost to provide a platform for students to realize their dreams in life. The students will be molded into being realistic and practical, diligent and studious, healthy and balanced, cultured and self-respecting. Our students will not only learn specialized theories, but will be en couraged to develop their innovative and creative abilities. They will be offered a wide range of courses in liberal arts and trained to be professionally competent in order to establish a firm foundation on which to build their future careers.

This is our hope, and our mission.